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Based on the invention, introduction and acceptance of the 20 and 40 foot Container System several decades ago, the ocean freight forwarding industry successfully established the transition of general cargo into containerization. The ultimate success driver has been the tremendous cutback of port handling costs. Interbox, the Cargobox Company used this specific principle to design and develop the Cargobox: an “intelligent” lightweight, reusable, air cargo container.

This “standardized” conveyance unit consists of three interconnected components:
1) A collapsible, re-usable transportation unit, made from advanced composites materials;
2) A closing/locking strip called the Lockbar, which includes state-of-the-art electronics and a mechanical locking/unlocking system; and
3) A software data platform called Cargosyst, to provide real-time visibility for the Cargobox anywhere on its journey.

At a manufacturer’s premises, the Cargobox is loaded with freight, closed and locked before it enters the logistics chain. To open the box, a six-digit PIN-Code is required, which can be generated upon a request by an authorized/verified party within less than 1 second, based on secured encryption technology.

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