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As regular airline passenger, Henk G. Hilders, an advanced composites design engineer watched the way air cargo is handled, while he was waiting at an airport terminal for boarding. He observed that most air cargo is stowed on a flat pallet, covered with plastic foil and a restraint net. With the globally successful ISO container for ocean shipping in mind, he was amazed about this old fashioned way of pallet assembly and disassembly and started to think about something smarter. He never realized that it would take him sixteen years of perseverance, to develop -by trial and error- his original concept, and bring his idea to completion.

From the beginning, he was convinced that his solution should contain a certain "intelligence", to cope with subjects such as safety and security, and this was long before 9/11.

All these years, Henk continued to work on the design and development of his innovative air cargo container named Cargobox: a lightweight "intelligent and tamper-free" conveyance unit for door-to-door transport of freight. Together with Cargosyst, an integrated Data Exchange Platform, the Cargobox allows for fully controlled, safe and secure, fast, efficient and reliable forwarding of cargo shipments the same way documents and small packages are delivered by Integrated Forwarders.

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